Erectile Dysfunction And The Ways To Restore It

What is the best way to know more about yourself? You should better know your enemy. In this case by word ‘enemy’ not a person is meant, but an illness most men in the world suffer from. This is impotence or erectile dysfunction, a condition when men fail to make love due to male organ weakness.

Before you start treating the disease you should first be aware of what impact it has on your body. Impotence is associated with inability to make love, but actually the mechanism of erection is much more complicated. There are three basic processes which occur during the erection:

  • relaxation of smooth muscles of the corpora cavernosa;
  • widening of penile arteries and veins;
  • due to contractions of certain types of muscles the blood flow in veins is suspended for a sufficient period of time needed to maintain the erection.

To get a rigid erection all the aforementioned processes should work properly and without failing. The nerve center of the spinal cord ensures the necessary coordination of these processes. It sends the impulses responsible for the mechanism of erection. In addition, the erection may be caused by signals coming from the central nervous system and going in the same way through the spinal cord. This happens when a man starts thinking about sex or have sensations that leads to sexual arousal.

However, it sometimes happens that regardless of any thoughts and fantasies concerning sex, men still can’t obtain a strong erection, meaning that the whole coordinated system failed. The worst of it is that this is a symptom of one of the most embarrassing condition known as impotence, which each man experiences in his life sooner of later. Impotence is classified as the disease and for most known diseases there is an effective treatment.

Speaking about erectile dysfunction, there is a range of medications, which underwent multiple medical trials to prove their efficiency. They were specifically created to help men cope with this unpleasant condition in most efficient way not to let them down in a critical, romantic moment. Most known drugs prescribed for the management of impotence are Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. They are reliable, safe and proved, but they are also rather expensive so that men on tight budget are usually looking for more cost-efficient medications. In this regard generic anti-impotence drugs are more appealing than the patent ones. You can find kamagra, silagra, tadacip, tadalis, penegra and many other generic drugs of the same effectiveness as of brand-named. They differ only buy color, shape and have some additional inactive components which have no impact on effectiveness of the drug. Either you pick up tadalis, or opt for silagra, they all are meant for bringing you rigid erection and fruitful lovemaking. This is possible today to have healthy sex for less price, it’s up to you to choose what you really want and need.